Pioneer Valley History Network celebrates the artisans, craftspeople, and manufacturers that produced goods in our area.  From cottage industries to precision manufacturing, from the arts and crafts movement to the Armory, the Pioneer Valley has led the way in innovation.  Once again, PVHN welcomes contributions from all over the Valley on different aspects of our locally-made history.  We encourage historical societies and museums to develop an exhibit or display featuring something made in your town.  You may send articles and/or photos to us at: pioneervalleyhistory@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. The Fred T. Ley Construction Company, started in Springfield, built much of the street railway system in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut; the coliseum at the Big E; the Kimball Hotel (now the Kimball Towers); the Third National Bank Building at Main and Harrison (now Harrison Place); and much more, including the Chrysler Building in NYC>

  2. Not sure if it counts, but the science of ichnology was “made” in the valley by Edward Hitchcock. His basic precepts were developed here and are still taught today all over the world. Granted, this isn’t exactly “made” in the usual sense!

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